Internships & Summer Projects for Students

Internships & Summer Projects are designed for college students to equip themselves with world class technology in their summer or any other vacation time thereby making good use of their free time.They will stand apart in terms of technology and will shine in their respective courses with the practical knowledge gained from us. These courses are customized according to the students and their background to make it more interesting and easy.You will definitely stand out from others with our up to date course curriculum!So come and learn the most advanced technologies from the right people in your free time!

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Job responsibilities and detailed projects will be determined based on your educational background,interest, and skills (Students with their own project ideas are welcomed)

Minimum qualifications

  • Enrolled in a Full time Bachelor’s program.
  • Returning to Education on a full time basis upon completing the internship.
  • Basic knowledge on any programming knowledge
  • Be able to complete within 10 weeks at the Media3 office. We will accommodate your college schedule when determining the start date and duration.


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